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2018 MODEL AVIATION AIRSHOW | Big Bird & Jet Fly-In

  • 02 Jun 2018
  • 10:00 AM
  • 03 Jun 2018
  • 6:00 PM
  • SLRCFA Airfield


  • Includes:
    - landing fees
    - lunches
    - unlimited snow cones
    - Dinner Saturday night

Registration is closed

Imagine enormous jet-powered model aircraft (which cost $30,000) doing low fly-bys at close to 200mph.  Imagine enormous aerobatic aircraft (12 foot wingspan) that are so nimble, they hover, hanging from their propeller a few feet off the ground, billowing smoke. Imagine full-scale (full-size & piloted) aircraft doing fly-bys and helis landing at the field.

Now imagine thousands attending the 2018Model Aviation Airshow with six-rotor camera drones filming the entire event!

A full press-kit is available at SLRCFA.com/Airshow

For the 12TH STRAIGHT year the St. Louis Radio Control Flying Association, or SLRCFA.com, is hosting the annual FLY-IN. The SLRCFA.com facilities (just off highway 44 & 109 in Eureka, MO) are known as among the best in the country. Radio Control pilots from around the U.S. visit St. Louis each year to participate in the Fly-in. Demonstration flights occur every top and bottom of the hour, with everything from model helicopters to zany flying lawnmowers and aircraft that look like Captain America™. Exciting, nail-biting 3D flying, a form of model aerobatic flying where 12-foot, $10,000 airplanes hover and tumble a few feet off the ground, will be on display throughout the event.


  • Coffee & Donuts
  • Lunch Saturday and Sunday
  • Pilot Dinner Saturday with cold beer
  • Unlimited sno-cones
  • Free raffle tickets (10 if you pre-register!)
  • Pilot prizes / Trophies!
    *Sunday-only pricing is $15


Paid Pre-registrants get 10 free raffle tickets. Day-of event registrants get 2 free raffle tickets. Tickets will be sold for $1 or less (with volume purchases).

Raffle should be epic!

SPECTATORS: Event highlights include...

  • Low cost – only $5 PER VEHICLE – same low price as previous ELEVEN years!
  • Great food, sno-cones and cold drinks (sorry, we will NOT be serving beer due to last minute insurance challenges)
  • Huge aerobatic airplanes flying right over the runway in exhibitions of “3D” flying – as large as 50% the size of their full-size cousins after which their modeled.
  • Helicopters
  • Full-scale military and civilian aircraft fly-bys
  • Rotor-Drone exhibitions
  • Amazing and technically fascinating jet-turbine powered aircraft. They look and sound like their full-size cousins
  • Excellent grilled food and refreshments, including sno-cones.
  • Plenty of parking space

Directions to and a flyer for the event may be found at SLRCFA.com/airshow


The SLRCFA is not-for-profit organization representing serious radio control aeromodelers from around the Midwest, particularly the greater St. Louis metro area. The club has existed continuously for 35 years. The club flying field is well-known nationally for its exceptional location and facilities. The club facilities in Eureka are located at 788 Augustine Road, off highway 109 south of US 44 in the Meramec River Valley. For more information, visit SLRCFA.com.

(AMA Sanctioned Event)

(c) 2016, St. Louis Radio  Control Flying Association

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