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Learn How To Build A Drone

Always wanted to build your own quadcopter?

Our friends at FPV Frenzy have put together a step-by-step just for you!

This guide details all the steps required to build an FPV drone. I’ve built more quadcopters than I can remember(well, I probably could if I gave some more thought to it) but I remember how frustrating and difficult the first quad seemed.

This guide on building a quadcopter will take you all the way from basic soldering to fully assembling your quadcopter. It assumes you are a complete beginner, but you do know basic electronics(negative, positive, what voltage is), and you’re familiar with the parts of a quadcopter.

9 steps every beginner should follow to buy the best drone

Once you decide to start flying drones, one of the most important things is to find the best drone for you. Most people think a drone is a drone and that’s it however, this can be a very costly assumption, since not all drones are for the beginner pilot. The other thing to consider is the cost associated with these devices. Most popular drones are those with a high price tag, and this is the main reason why most people turn away from this fantastic hobby. What most people ignore, is that there are a series of steps to follow before making the call about buying a drone. Things like considering the budget, regulations about drones, and doing some research about the device you intend to buy, can make a huge difference in your flight and hobby experience. Another misconception that usually leads beginner pilots to a bad hobby experience is the belief that the most expensive drone is always the best one. The best drone is not that with the higher price tag, but that which is best for you. Therefore, is important to consider aspects that are totally relevant and related to you, when deciding which drone is the one to buy.

A buying guide you can follow to buy the best drone for you

In order to make the right call, here is an infographic with 9 steps that will help you identify the best drone for you. It is important to say that this checklist was crafted gathering the opinions and comments from some of the most respected industry leaders. 9 Simple Steps to Buy a Drone

Final thoughts from the author about picking a drone

Getting your first drone, and, getting started with drones is an amazing idea. If you ask me, I always recommend starting with cheap drones, it is the best idea because it is the least-risk investment. If you don’t like the hobby (which I seriously doubt), you won’t have any buyer’s remorse. And if you happen to love it, you’ll know you started with the right step and the next move you make will be in the right direction. Hopefully this guide will take you in the right direction to get started with drones. If you have any idea or think there is something missing here, reach out and let us know. We’d love to hear from you.

Flying Drones

Are you interested in the Drone Flying?

SLRCFA offers an active training program to advance newcomers into the sport of radio control flying.  Visit our flying field and participate in an introductory flying lesson from one of our instructors.  Our instructors are ready to begin your one-on-one training!

Here are some great resources, too...

It's safer and cheaper.

Your first flights will be made using a “buddy box” system.  This system utilizes two transmitters, one for the instructor, and one for the student, both connected. At any moment the instructor can take full control of the aircraft.  The risk of damaging the aircraft due to pilot error is almost eliminated... you won't have to buy and repair plane after plane to get experienced.


Flying Instructors List

  • Jonathon Hendrickson
  • Dennis Chivetta
  • Mark Stellern
  • Mike Stellern
  • Doug Thompson
  • George Biderman

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