"A thousand bucks of fun in a $60 plane"

What's the story?

In early 2016, the SLRCFA board wanted to create a fun activity that was on the low end of the cost spectrum. Many SLRCFA pilots are blessed to fly expensive planes, but we wanted something that would be fun for anyone who can fly elevator and ailerons, and on a budget.

The CombatONE design was born! After investigating dollar store foam board (DSFB) designs on, we created a two-DSFB-sheet design that uses only hot glue and packing tape to build, and some scrap plywood for the firewall and control horns.

The size is right, too... a CombatONE can be powered by any electric motor configuration that flies an 11x5.5 to 11x7 APC style electric propellor. This means reasonable cost for servos, motors and ESCs. In fact, some guys are simply using their wrecked Parkzone T-28 innards to build Combat one, making it almost a free plane.

How does it fly?

In a phrase, wickedly good. Jonathon Hendrickson, captain of all things electric, says, "This is the best-flying flying wing I have ever flown."

Five to eight minute flights are possible with low wing loadings
(6oz/sq ft) letting you slow it way down. Unlimited vertical is easy to achieve with typical power to weight ratios of 2:1. Even the maiden flights were awesome. We even played around with a 3D version with rudders that could harrier (needed gyro to do it, though). FUN!!!

How do I get involved?

E-mail and we'll get you started!

CombatONE Blog

Click here to go to the CombatONE forum.

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