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SLRCFA (St. Louis Radio Control Flying Association) is a not-for-profit Missouri assocation that has been in existence since the mid-1980s. A place to fly quality hobby-quality model aircraft (as opposed to toy-grade), has always been a challenge for RC (radio control) aircraft enthusiasts. SLRCFA has consistently met this challenge for the St. Louis area and the greater Midwest by offering near-airport grade flying media (grass plus paved runways) with the best of accoutriments for the avid flyer (electricity, bathrooms, shelter, safety and no-tree SPACE TO FLY). 

Because of this tremendous flying facility in Eureka, Missouri, SLRCFA is known as one of the best places to fly in the country.

Because SLRCFA's mission includes members being ambassadors for both the association and the hobby at-large, leadership started an annual "Fly In" in 2006. Originally dedicated to high-cost jets, later high-performance aerobatic aircraft, scale WWI aircraft and other "giant scale" airplanes were added. The event drew so many spectators, that it was renamed the Model Aviation Airshow, while is is still called the SLRCFA "BIg Bird Fly-In" by many.

After ten years, the event has become a regular part of many folks annual planning for their June family fun, and attracts dozens (this year we hope "hundreds") of pilots from around the country.

Some fun facts about SLRCFA:

  • Membership capped at 100 total
  • Board is volunteer-led (click here for current board of directors)
  • Roughly 1/3 fly aerobatic or 3D model aircraft (click here for Wiki page)
  • Roughly 1/6 build and fly scale WWII aircraft
  • Roughly 1/6 build and fly model jet turbine aircraft
  • Virtually 100% of the club members also fly smaller electric aircraft
  • SLRCFA is 32 years old (founded in 1987)
  • SLRCFA has flying model builders and flyers of every type, including rotor-drones, helicopters and gliders.
  • Average spend in the hobby by a club member is over $2,000 per year, with some spending $20,000 to $100,000 per year. However, dues are structured so that any fun-loving aero modeler is welcome.

PRESS RELEASE:                                                               click here for PDF version

Contact: Marshall L. Henley                     FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

Tel. 636-429-2884



SLRCFA hosts Model Aviation Airshow “Fly-in” with ginormous aerobatic aircraft, huge jet aircraft, and full-size aircraft

With major news outlets covering 2018’s Model Aviation Airshow, attendance was “huge.”  2019 is expected to extend the trend. Imagine enormous jet-powered model aircraft (which cost $30,000) doing low fly-bys at close to 200mph.  Imagine enormous aerobatic aircraft (12 foot wingspan) that are so nimble, they hover, hanging from their propeller a few feet off the ground, billowing smoke. Imagine full-scale (full-size & piloted) aircraft doing fly-bys and helis landing at the field.

Now imagine thousands attending the 2019 Model Aviation Airshow with six-rotor camera drones filming the entire event!
A full press-kit is available at SLRCFA.com/Airshow.

For the THIRTEENTH straight year the St. Louis Radio Control Flying Association, or SLRCFA.com, is hosting the annual FLY-IN. The SLRCFA.com facilities (just off highway 44 & 109 in Eureka, MO) are known as among the best in the country. Radio Control pilots from around the U.S. visit St. Louis each year to participate in the Fly-in. Demonstration flights occur every top and bottom of the hour, with everything from model helicopters to zany flying lawnmowers and aircraft that look like Captain America™. Exciting, nail-biting 3D flying, a form of model aerobatic flying where 12-foot, $10,000 airplanes hover and tumble a few feet off the ground, will be on display throughout the event.

Event highlights:

  • ·        Low cost – only $5 PER VEHICLE – same low price as previous TWELVE years!
  • ·        Great food and COLD BEER
  • ·        Huge aerobatic airplanes flying right over the runway in exhibitions of “3D” flying – as large as 50% the size of their full-size cousins after which their modeled.
  • ·        Helicopters
  • ·        Full-scale military and civilian aircraft fly-bys
  • ·        Rotor-Drone exhibitions
  • ·        Amazing and technically fascinating jet-turbine powered aircraft. They look and sound like their full-size cousins
  • ·        Excellent grilled food and refreshments, including sno-cones.
  • ·        Plenty of parking space

Directions to and a flyer for the event may be found at SLRCFA.com/airshow


The SLRCFA is a Missouri non-profit organization representing serious radio control aeromodelers from around the Midwest, particularly the greater St. Louis metro area. The club has existed continuously for 37 years. The club flying field is well-known nationally for its exceptional location and facilities. The club facilities in Eureka are located at 788 Augustine Road, off highway 109 south of US 44 in the Meramec River Valley. For more information, visit SLRCFA.com.


For more information, to schedule an interview, or visit the SLRCFA.com field, please contact
Marshall L. Henley, SLRCFA President, at 636-429-2884 or SLRCFAwebmaster@gmail.com.

(c) 2016, St. Louis Radio  Control Flying Association

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