Christmas Party 2018

We had one of the best-attended events in memory, with a ton of fun including:

  • Raffle for some awesome planes from MotionRC and Redwing
  • Donated planes for raffle with the new members: QuickSTART
  • Early Bird renewal raffle tickets for sale for PRIME and FULL members
  • Delicious catered meal with plenty of beer soda water and dessert
  • 2018 President's Award winners were:
    • Above and Beyond Awards went to:
      • Mike Stellern - for years of service on the Field Team and the Board
      • Mark Stellern - for years of service on the Field Team and the Board
      • Dennis Chivetta - for years (decades?) of service as Secretary and Treasurer
      • George Biderman - for QuickSTART / Pilot Instruction program and Youth Outreach
      • Kerry Eisenbach - for always helping out with the difficult exhibition flying events, youth outreach and field work
    • Craftsman of the Year - for consistently bringing interesting scratch-build planes each year with high quality workmanshop, AND helping others learn the techniques, tips, tools, materials and philosophies that lead to enjoyment of the building and repair part of the hobby:
      • Bob Scheppele
      • Paul Appelbaum
    • Newbie of the Year - for demonstrating the service and values of the club in first year of FULL or PRIME membership -
      Mike Nowak
    • Pilot of the Year - best pilot in the club, always learning, AND always helping others at the field with their planes, engines, equipment, flying skills - Kerry Eisenbach
    • Best Crash - for a spectacular one that almost took down the grid with a 25% P-51 - Doug Thompson

PICTURES BELOW - load if you have any!

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