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SLRCFA 2018 Board of Directors Announced

28 Dec 2017 11:26 AM | Marshall Henley

The Old and the New

December 2017 rolled around and only 12 nominees for the Board of Directors were nominated. All 12 accepted nomination, and all 12 are qualified to serve on the board. The 12 were the 11 already serving, plus a new Director nominee, Kurt Seiter, the owner of HolySmokes smoke pumps, a long-time member and frequent sponsor of SLRCFA events and activities over the past three years (picture at right).

Because only 12 Directors and Officers were serving / nominated, there was no membereship vote needed or held to determine which 12 would serve. Let's change that in 2018!

Following the Christmas Party, the Board of Directors voted unanimously to elect Officers, as follows, for 2018. Because the SLRCFA Constitution is in the process of being re-written to allow direct-vote for officers (assuming it passes a vote by the Board and the Members), this is likely the President / Vice President vote that will be made directly by the Board:

  • Incoming President: Marshall L. Henley (also serving as webmaster, formerly the Vice President)
  • Incoming Vice President: Shane Eisenbach, formerly serving as Secretary
  • Incoming Secretary: John DeLuca, formerly serving as a Director
  • No change - Treasurer: Dennis Chivetta
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