17 Oct 2016 4:22 PM | Marshall Henley (Administrator)

Many SLRCFA members have requested clarification regarding the rules pertaining to pilot’s stations.

Excerpt from the Operating Procedures:

“All pilots must fly from one of the 6 designated pilot stations for the given traffic pattern that is dictated by wind direction.  The established pattern must be followed.   Takeoffs and landings will all be in the same direction unless the wind changes and all pilots agree to reverse the pattern”

Excerpt from the Field Rules:

“7. Takeoffs and Landings are permitted on the paved or grass runways only.  Taxiing out onto the runways is permitted, provided it is past the white lines at either end or center of the taxiway. Pilots must stand at a pilot station when flying.”

ALL pilots must fly from a pilot’s station.  It is advised that if another pilot is already flying from a pilot’s station that you fly from the station nearest to them to improve communications.  If a member is handicapped and wishes to fly from the handicapped flight station, they should notify the other pilots that they are going to fly from the Handicapped flight station.

Call out your intentions or difficulties to others that are flying. Some examples are: “Taking off”, “Coming in/Landing”, “Touch and go”, “On the field”, “Off the field”, “Dead stick” or “Lost control”.  

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