21 Apr 2016 1:37 PM | Marshall Henley (Administrator)

A change in concept, not just design.

By, Marshall Henley

Big news! The board recently approved a logo change for SLRCFA effective March 24th.

From Goals to Concept

The goals for the new logo were straightforward. We wanted to create a logo that:

  • 1.     Matches our brand, and connects with our  membership,
  • 2.     Better enables web, social and other electronic forms of communications,
  • 3.     Looks contemporary, but has “staying power” for years to come.

To accomplish this, we ended up coming up with an “adaptable logo concept” that changes with context, but maintains our image. The new logo concept is a “filled donut logo”, meaning that the image within the logo may be approved to change in context with logo usage (see rightt). The great part about this was we already had an excellent candidate for the logo “donut” based upon something that Rodney Adams had cut on his vinyl machine for a few folks.

While the logo “filling” can change, here’s our default logo for all communications (this is also for the AEROBATICS / 3D context):

Now, the “filling” concept adapts because the aerobatic plane silhouette can be replaced with other approved silhouettes, depending upon the context of usage. Any new “fills” for our logo can be submitted to the board for approval through the President, Vice President or Webmaster and can be approved by those three, so we can adapt it easily.

At this time, we’ve also developed four additional logos for specific contexts:





We also have some variability on color schemes, in addition to black on white (as above):

  • ·       Reversed (white on black).
  • ·       Color on white (any color replacing black in above with white above remaining white).
  • ·       Black on background (black as above with white area being transparent).
  • ·       Reversed on background (Black above is white, with white area above being transparent).

Vinyl on Glass

Soon, we will be offering vinyl logos for your planes and your vehicle. The idea behind the new logo provides for multiple logos based upon what you fly. You’ll be able to proudly represent your club, your hobby and what you fly with any or all of the specific logos. Stay tuned for this on our website and in ROTATE.

If you have any questions on logo usage or have a new idea for a logo “filling,” please contact our webmaster, Marshall Henley at

We want to extend special thanks to Rodney Adams for coming up with the original logo vector graphics!

(c) 2016, St. Louis Radio  Control Flying Association

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