Spectators Welcome

20 Mar 2015 8:03 PM | Marshall Henley (Administrator)

Author: Jonathan Hendrickson

As the weather continues to warm, the ground is thawing, trees are budding, and our friends, neighbors and guests are watching us from the spectator fence line.  Please make every effort to take a minute to greet these people, they are watching us fly and have an interest in our hobby.  All of these spectators share the same common interest as all of us and are potential new members to SLRCFA.  Talk to them, ask them if they fly (R/C, full scale,…),  or have a relative interested in R/C flying.  Inform our guest that we have instructors available and give them a brochure. (Brochures are located in the pavilion in a plastic flyer holder on a support post near the electrical power panel.)  The brochures have all of the required information to guide these individuals to our website and to get in touch with an instructor.  This quick talk could get you a SLRCFA membership discount for the following year.  If a NEW (to SLRCFA) paying member joins SLRCFA and list you as their personal reference, you will receive a $50 credit towards the following year’s dues.

Take a minute and talk to guests, it pays.

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