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  • February 2020 SLRCFA QuickSTART Ground School & Club Meeting

February 2020 SLRCFA QuickSTART Ground School & Club Meeting

  • 20 Feb 2020
  • 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM
  • St. Louis County Library, The Daniel Boone Branch - 300 Clarkson Rd., Ellisville, MO 63011

Learn Important RC Skills & fly on Realistic Simulators!

QuickSTART your RC experience with the best way to learn: the SLRCFA QuickSTART membership.

The QuickSTART Ground School and SLRCFA Club Meeting will be held every third Thursday each month.


  • 6pm-7pm Ground School Training, set up simulators
  • 7pm-8pm General topics, e.g. airplane repair
  • 8pm-9pm Simulator Training -OR- additional topics and ground school testing

Call 636-429-2884 if you have any questions.

QuickSTART Benefits...

  • You don't need to purchase a radio or airplane - learn to fly with SLRCFA trainer aircraft
  • You don't need to purchase AMA insurance until you solo, and only if you decide to keep flying.
  • You have an experienced QuickSTART Instructor to show you the ropes.
  • You'll learn how to fly, but you'll also learn important concepts to enjoy the hobby and fly safely (without crashing), like:
    • Inspecting a new plane before flight
    • Trimming an airplane to fly straight and level
    • Recognizing the attitude and heading of the plane from every angle
    • What to do when things go wrong - how not to panic!

How it works…

  • Ground School: From January through your training block (see below), you'll meet once a month for ground school, simulator flying and general fun. 
  • Spring, Summer, Fall flying Quick Start training on SLRCFA aircraft with your at SLRCFA field (when it's warmer) on Tuesday evenings, 4:00 p.m. until dark - you'll sign up for a two-month block - BLOCKS ARE LIMITED TO 10 STUDENTS, SO GET STARTED ASAP. 

    During your training block, you'll train once a week with an SLRCFA QuickSTART Instructor, learning basic flying, then eventually soloing and getting the sign-off for unlimited flying! Training blocks are as follows:

    • BLOCK A - Ground School: January-March, Flight Training: April - May
    • BLOCK B - Ground School: January-May, Flight Training: June - July
    • BLOCK C - Ground School: January-July, Flight Training: August - September
  • Maximum fun - You don't have to by ANYTHING including insurance to fly! Fly with our planes, our batteries, our propellers, and we'll get you to solo.

    For $50 for adults (24 and over) and $25 for youth (10-23) you get free ground school, a two-month window of free QuickSTART instruction, and all benefits of membership except for voting. Your fee goes towards the rental and upkeep of our training equipment.

    Your QuickSTART membership starts as soon as you join, but you'll be in ground school until you get to your two-month training block. You are required to complete your ground school prior to the training block.

  • After you have completed your Training Block, you can continue with a FULL voting membership at a discount, if you choose. You will need to purchase AMA insurance at that point. SLRCFA is an AMA chartered club, which allows us to train you for eight weeks using our insurance.

Get started!

  • Dues: $50 - January through the end of your Training Block (A, B, or C above)
  • Requirements:
    • QuickSTART members may not have been an SLRCFA Member for the last five years.
    • You will fly with your QuickSTART mentor on a "buddy box" - allowing them to take over the plane if you get in trouble - until you solo. We'll celebrate big-time when you do! We want to see you flying!
    • No need for AMA insurance for 60 days while you fly with an Instructor.
    • When you "Signup" below, you'll need to agree to SLRCFA's Rules & Safety.
  • Signup - Click here to complete the online application. Make sure to select "QuickSTART" for your membership level. We'll reach out to you by phone and e-mail as soon as we receive your information to get you started with your Mentor.

Don't hesitate to contact SLRCFAwebmaster@gmail.com or call 636-429-2884 and we'll be happy to help you!


St. Louis County Library, The Daniel Boone Branch is just South of Clayton on Clarkson Road in Ellisville, on the West side of Clarkson. Click here for a map. The following picture is what you're looking for:


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