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14 Dec 2016 11:37 AM | Marshall Henley

This e-mail was sent out by GLSMA President


Dear flyers,

As you are hopefully aware, our lease agreement to use the land at Buder Park for model aviation is set to expire at the end of this year.  While the Parks Department could draw considerable income from other uses of this area (soccer fields being the obvious), they have chosen to renew our lease for another 5 year period.  The letter confirming this can be seen on our website, www.gslma.com

The renewal of this agreement is important as it will allow us to make the improvements our group has been planning on and saving money for.  Many have asked what their $30 each year goes to.  The improvements planned for 2017 include resurfacing the large control line square, sealing all other asphalt surfaces, and putting a new roof on the RC pavilion.  A longer term improvement being looked into would be bringing electric to the RC area.

This brings me to the point of this email.  None of these things mentioned above get done without the volunteer help from GSLMA.  We currently have 2 positions vacant on the GSLMA Board including Historian and as of the end of the year Treasurer.  We sent out notice about elections being held at the December meeting and NO ONE SHOWED UP to run for these vacant positions.  Unfortunately, many flyers are quick to complain about GSLMA and what goes on at Buder Park but rarely does anyone new step up to help.  The same 15 to 20 people have been doing all the work for the past 5+ years to ensure that we keep this world class flying facility.

We cannot continue to ask the same people to do all the work.  At this point I will be taking on the responsibilities of Treasurer until one is found.  I can assure you that my time is limited and this will not go on for more than a brief period until one is found.  Lance Thompson stayed on as Treasurer a full year beyond the time when he was ready to retire the position and I will not do the same.  The other board members also will not be able to take on another role either.

If you want the current board members to continue their service, I would suggest that you either come forward to volunteer or help convince your fellow flyers to step up.

I can assure you that without the help from GSLMA, this flying site will be put in jeopardy of continuing. 

Please email me personally at _____ to indicate you are interested in running for these positions.


Tony Vitiello
GSLMA Chairman

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